06.06.12Once Upon a Term

Long long ago, in a far off land, in May 2012, the honoured Blacktown TAFE retail students travelled from their local homeland to be given a tour of WestPoint Blacktown. 

Our loyal subjects were ushered into the chambers of the Tower to be greeted by Lady Michelle Clark and her court (Marketing Manager and team). The group was privileged to be bestowed a PowerPoint presentation, which explained the day to day running of the Kingdom. There were vast images displayed of the village people and their way of life.

The group then were treated to a small feast to gain nourishment to further explore the village before them.

The first stop was with the local Inn by the name of “Panarottis”.

This was full of interest, the Inn Keeper; Gerard Visser explained the day to day functioning of his establishment, he then selected some of the honoured guests to partake in the making of the local fare. This overjoyed the group immensely.

From here the group went down to a beverage chamber, ‘Coffee Culture’ to have the owner; Rob Reynolds, inform them on how he produces such a delectable tasting brew.

From there the group paraded down with locals in awe of such regal presence to the local clothing and goods emporium, ‘Target’.  Here they were piloted around the vast house to explain how they set out the goods for display to the local townsfolk to entice trade.

Then on to the fabric drapery, ‘Lincraft, with so many colours and styles to choose from to decorate your castle and make one’s robes and gowns.

The groups then had to separate; one group went to GO LO and the other went to the Body Shop.

The groups then met up to visit the animal produce area – ‘Pets Pontoon’, with owner Terrance proudly displaying his range of odd and wonderful domesticated animals for children. Such creatures include: Hermit Crabs, Birds, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. It was sad to leave them behind, but alas this had to be so.

This was the last stop in the vast tower; our revered guests were tiring of such a long and informative day!

I’d like to thank the students for being such a pleasure to have on the tour! And I hope that they gained a valuable insight into the world of retail.

A big thankyou to: the devoted teachers, Westpoint Blacktown, Retailers and Business owners who presented their organisations to our students. The Retail Tour was a great success and we hope to repeat this valuable event for students in the near future.

Funded by the Australian and NSW governments, the Blacktown Regional Economic and Employment Development (BREED) Taskforce Inc. is available to work with business and the community to support young people to attain their Year 12 HSC, or an equivalent Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) Certificate II qualification, achieve a successful transition through school to further education, training or work. BREED places over 4,000 students per year into work placements with business across the region.

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