25.07.12Metals Forum

Consulting with Schools and employers over the last few months, has led to the successful Metals Forum that was held at Mt Druitt TAFE on the 25th July, facilitated by BREED as a potential community partnership.

Whilst there is more work to be done on the strategies, representatives from schools teaching Metals, Industry organisations such as AIG, and employers large and small such as the State office of BOC gases, offering to work together on strategic solutions for Western Sydney.

The Metals industry (both schools and employers) have faced barriers to success. They are doing their best, but they recognised there is much that they could work on together, that would increase the success of strategies they wanted to try.

There were good ideas shared by everyone, some strategies they would have started before now if they had a way of sharing ideas. Being part of a structured partnership can help bring ideas and solutions together for the benefit of young people and business.

Metals employers want to inspire more young people to choose a focus for their studies, and for that focus to be Metals. This will help increase the success of young people taking up Metals at school, developing the skills employers want, completing apprenticeships, and in the end this will also help the skills shortage in manufacturing in Western Sydney.

BREED is a community organisation funded by the Australian and NSW Governments to:

  • Build partnerships that support improved education and transition outcomes for all young people, and
  • focus on building partnerships between schools, business and community to support young people to attain Year 12 or equivalent qualifications and reach their full educational and social potential.

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