05.08.12Work Placement is Easy

We’re working in the youth development arena and we need to ensure that we are doing just what we ask our host employers to do, every day.

We recently developed a dedicated work space in our Structured Work placement Team’s Office, specifically for Vocational Education Training (VET) students – complete with: workstation, a computer with Microsoft office and connected to printers, scanner, photocopier, limited access to internet, and a student email address.

In June we were fortunate to host a business services VET student, Eric Elu. Eric is a Year 11 student from Chifley Bidwill who wants to be a leader in the Defence Forces after he completes Year 12.

Our Structured Workplace Learning team consulted with BREED staff and put together a flexible schedule that could be followed to ensure that Eric’s visit to BREED was organised, gave Eric a complete picture of BREED, met the work placement objectives and was manageable for all staff.

We asked Eric to: undertake an interview with the Nirimba Business Centre Manager, compile a PowerPoint presentation on how he thought BREED could attract young people to undertake a VET course while still at High School, visit the ‘Try’ a Trade’ Expo, undertake some basic research, spend time with all key staff members and write an article for our eNews about his experience here at BREED.

We’re so proud – Eric undertook all that was asked of him with such maturity and he showed an excellent level of all round skill and knowledge.

We enjoyed hosting Eric for the week, he fitted into the BREED team extremely well – he even got to celebrate a birthday in the office! We actually missed him, once his placement was completed!

But we are looking forward to our next student with our aim to host a student regular basis; which is manageable for an organisation the size of BREED.

Please take a few minutes to read through some great stories about how BREED is working to develop opportunities for our young people.

Please feel free to contact me Ph. 9853 3200 if you have any questions about any of the information in this newsletter.

Stephen Frost
Managing Director

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