10.04.14Successful youth unemployment service facing axe as government stays silent on funding

Successful youth unemployment service facing axe as government stays silent on funding

By Lisa Cox

The Sydney Morning Herald

April 8, 2014


The federal government is set to axe a $50 million a year service that has steered thousands of at -risk young people into jobs and work experience, including with top companies NAB, Qantas and Woolworths.

Six hundred businesses, schools and charities have written to Prime Minister Tony Abbott calling for the employment brokering network Partnership Brokers not to be scrapped.

The organisation fears its funding is to cease in favour of the Coalition’s election pledge promising cash handouts to unemployed people under 30 who find and keep a job for more than 12 months.

The network’s executive officer Craig Dadds said the organisation had been told “categorically” that May’s federal budget would result in the program’s funding ceasing at the end of the year.

He lashed out at the government, which he said had promised to act on Australia’s high rate of youth unemployment but failed to propose an alternative plan for connecting vulnerable young people with employers and training.

For full story visit: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/successful-youth-unemployment-service-facing-axe-as-government-stays-silent-on-funding-20140409-zqsbb.html

09.04.14BREED would like your feedback… can you help?

WorkPlacementWorks_Infographic for webBREED would like your input to The Board of Studies, Teaching & Educational Standards (BOSTES) NSW review of the Higher School Certificate (HSC) Vocational Education and Training (VET) work placements arrangements?

WorkPlacementWorks_Infographic for webWorkPlacementWorks_Infographic for webThe NSW HSC VET framework subjects, including hospitality, metals and engineering, business services, IT, have the most rigorous criteria in Australia in that only NSW students have a mandatory requirement to undertake industry work placement as part of their course. In other states it is optional for students to gain practical experience in industry.

In the late 1990’s, when vocational studies was being considered for introduction into schools as elective subjects for the HSC, the NSW industries bodies consulted mandated that work placement be a compulsory component of the course for HSC students. Work placement has underpinned the quality and industry recognition of the outcomes of the HSC VET courses. Some 15 years later BOSTES is undertaking a review of the mandatory work placement component of the courses. The review includes consideration of the following:

  • the effectiveness of the work placement in delivering curriculum outcomes and meeting industry expectations;
  • the impact the significant growth in student enrolments in VET courses over the years has had on the provision of work placements;
  • do the current mandatory requirements for work placement need to be reconsidered to ensure they remain relevant;
  • are there more innovative ways to meet work placement requirements across different industry areas which would ensure students have the opportunity for quality workplace learning

BREED would welcome your input on these questions to info@breed.org.au so we can provide an informed response to the BOSTES review.

The NSW Network of Work Placement Service Providers has produced the following fact sheet based on independent research.

For further information contact Stephen Frost on 9853 3200.

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