23.07.14Digital Enterprise Program for Youth with Asperger’s and HF Autism

Do you know someone who has Asperger’s / High Functioning Autism aged between 10 – 20 years who enjoys gaming and technology?


BREED has limited spaces still available for the Digital Enterprise Program which is featured in this week’s Blacktown Advocate.


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02.07.14Letter from Evans High School – Job Ready Workshop

Hi Darren,

Over the past term I have brought 3 different groups with me to Blacktown Tafe for the Job Ready workshops. These students have come from years 10, 11 and 12.
The feedback I have received from the students is very positive. The students who attended the workshops are typically disengaged in their classes and have no real desire or knowledge of what they want to do in the future. The best thing about the workshops is that it gave the students a ‘real life’ perspective as to what they can achieve and more importantly HOW they can achieve it.

Being in the classroom majority of the time, the students were engaged by talking to different business owners/workers/ Hr recruiters. This gave the students an understanding of what to expect outside of the classroom.

Several students have come to me after the workshops and expressed their interest in completing a trade, going to Tafe or their new desire to get a part-time job.
One student in particular left Blacktown campus on the Wednesday afternoon (after the workshop) and walked into McDonalds and requested an interview to do some part-time work. He was given an interview for the following Monday. He came and told me the following day at school that he will use the booklet from the workshop to write a resume and prepare for the interview. Before this day he had no interest in working, however after speaking with some real workers he told me he has to start somewhere and the skills he will learn at McDonalds will help him decide what to do later on.

The most valuable thing that my students are learning from these workshops is that they have support from other people (other than their teachers) to help them find out what they may be interested in, hear real stories from other workers and most importantly the assistance to help them plan their next step after schooling.
Thank you,

Brooke Tryhuba
HSIE Teacher / Transition Adviser
Evans High School

02.07.14Senior Secondary Homework Help

Senior Secondary Homework Help is being offered for free of charge through The Smith Family Learning club program.

Limited places available.

For more information and to register call Melanie on 9853 3251 or on 0401 014 157 Mon-Wed

Please click on the flyer link below for details.

Mt Druitt Senior Secondary Learning Club

01.07.14Getting Young People with Aspergers or Autism Spectrum into work

National Program calling for young people with Higher Functioning Aspergers/Autism Spectrum Disorder to join employment skills development Pilot.

BREED is calling for young people with an Higher Functioning Aspergers/Autism Spectrum Disorder between the ages of 10-20, with a passion for technology, to join an after school program that potentially could provide them with the skills needed to pursue a career in high technology.

BREED is one of four organisations from across Australia selected to run a pilot program that aims to open up employment opportunities for Young People with Autism through pursuing their passion of high technology.

Digital Enterprise – Pathways to Education and Employment for Young People with Disabilities is a national program funded by the Australian Government. The program is a joint initiative led by the University of South Australia and involving four universities, two registered training organisations, State Government and not-for-profit community organisations in South Australia, the Northern Territory, Victoria and New South Wales.

BREED Managing Director, Stephen Frost said, “The program will work with young people who have Autism Spectrum Disorders so they can develop their technical skills, improve their self-esteem, as well as reduce levels of isolation, which will help to get these young people focused on developing rewarding careers.

In addition, the 16-20 year old group will do an online course in entrepreneurship, social sills, and employability skills.”

The two hour sessions will be held out of school hours at Ropes Crossing Community Hub once a week. Group sessions are for young people aged 10 to 15 and 16 to 20 and will involve collaborative activities such as programming, game-making, technology competitions and digital design activities supported by online training, media creation and distribution. And there will be business training for the 16-20 years age group.

While their child attends sessions, parents or carers will be able to join a discussion and support group. An interactive on-line resource centre for parents is also planned.

Digital Enterprise builds on the success of “The Lab” technology clubs, which have been running in Melbourne and Blacktown Region in 2011, for young people with High Functioning Autism. Young people who have completed “The Lab” program have experienced enhanced technical skills, increased self-efficacy and confidence, improved motivation at school and the sense of new possibilities for the future. Parents have also benefited in terms of mutual support from other parents.

Interested parents/carers can go to www.breed.org.au/programs or Digital Enterprise website www. www.digital-enterprise-pathways.net/ for more information. Or call Elenor Jackson-Bowers Ph. (08) 8302 4623 or Chris Taylor at BREED, Ph. (02) 9853 3200.


BREED is a community organisation funded by the Australian and NSW Governments to: build partnerships that support improved education and transition outcomes for all young people, and focus on building partnerships between schools, business and community to support young people to attain Year 12 or equivalent qualifications and reach their full educational, career and social potential.

For media enquiries contact Keren Lavery, klavery@breed.org.au or 9853 3211.

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