08.10.15BREED TURNS 21!

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BREED turned 21 and to help us celebrate, the local media wrote a couple of amazing articles.

Celebrating 21 years of education – Western Sydney Business Access

The Mayor of Blacktown, Member for Riverstone, business, school and community representatives together with past and present students and clients have helped BREED celebrate its 21st anniversary of Incorporation.
An initiative of the local community, BREED has adopted the mantra that education leads to employment that in turn generates economic development.
It is a continuous cycle, as the economy grows more people are employed. BREED prides itself in providing experiences and opportunities that strengthen a person’s education and employment opportunity. (click on the below image to continue reading this article)

WSBA BREED 21st oct15









BREED’s help gets the job done – Blacktown Advocate

More than 10,000 people are unemployed in the Blacktown Council area but the figure could be higher if not for Quakers Hill’s BREED Business Centre.
Blacktown Regional Economic and Employment Development provides training and work placements for young people and office space for businesses.
It reflected on its achievements during its 21st birthday on September 29th.
BREED Managing Director Stephen Frost said it has helped thousands of students gain work experience since 1994 and in 1999 was named the Australian business centre of the year.








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