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About BREED Business Centre

Smith Family cropped2BREED Business Centre (BBC) is a business incubator, and is one of a few in Western Sydney. The BBC was established by the then Blacktown Regional Economic and Employment Development (BREED) Taskforce, now BREED to focus on nurturing small and developing businesses in order that they may develop entrepreneurial skills, become self-sustaining and meet the needs of their own customer base.

The BBC was setup as a not for profit organisation to support the Blacktown local economy.

It supports potential business people from a wide range of ethnic and social groups to develop their business concepts and ideas, across a wide range of industry sectors.

Tenants are provided with a friendly and supportive structure that they may not have had, if they were operating alone in a commercial office.

BREED itself reaches widely into the Blacktown and Western Sydney communities and works with businesses, community organisations’, the education sector and all levels of Government, extending networks and opportunities to tenants.

Further, BBC works with business, TAFE WSI and University of Western Sydney, BEC/BASI to deliver training and business services.

??????????????????????There are monthly educational briefings (The BREED Business Basics (BBB)) that take place at the centre, and tenants have the opportunity to meet fellow tenants as well as other BREED stakeholders.

Tenants are similarly linked to BREED’s network of business groups, chambers of commerce, local, state and federal government contacts and general stakeholder groups. In addition, the BBC management team have a broad range of business expertise and informal intelligence, which is provided to tenants as needed, enhancing the services and experience of being based at the Centre.

The BBC has assisted over 148 local businesses; these businesses have grown to employ approximately 360 people and have contributed $5.8 million to the local economy.

96 per cent of tenants are still in business after starting out at the BBC.

The Centre has become self-funded which ensures its financial independence and longevity of services to the local economy, without relying on Government funding.

Tenants are supported with the BBC continually improving facilities, which in-turn improves the services delivered.

Facilities are available to the wider business community with the BBC developing flexible programs to meet needs of Blacktown business, such as, The Virtual Tenant program and a program where non-tenants can rent an office or meeting room by the hour.

The Precinct includes: TAFE NSW, The University of Western Sydney, Department of Education and Training, and the Catholic Education Office, who together provide a unique learning experience and various pathways opportunities on a single campus to the Western Sydney community.

The organisation is a not for profit association and governed by a volunteer BREED Board of Directors.


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