A Short History

BREED Taskforce was established in 1993 as the Office of Labour Market Adjustment Committee and funded by The Department of Education and Employment and Training.  The aim was to identify and assist with the implementation of projects to increase the economic and employment development opportunities within the Blacktown Local Government Area. One of the aims was that this would address the issue of the local youth leaving school before year 11 and 12 and provide a channel between business and the local high schools. During the 1990’s, Blacktown having one of the highest unemployment rates in Sydney and a low success rate of start-up business was concerning to local and State Government. To further accentuate issues, there was also a decline in the manufacturing industry sector, a major employer of the region.

BREED undertook a feasibility study in 1994 which demonstrated the viability of an incubator in the Blacktown area. A year later a most unusual building became available! The building was formerly part of the Royal Australian Naval Air Repair Yard – HMAS Nirimba, which was used as an aircraft repair yard during World War II. The centre later became a training facility for naval apprentices up until 1996. The BREED Business Centre was originally one of the dormitories that would have been home to thousands of young sailor’s throughout its history. Today the site still displays a memorial garden to the thousands of sailor’s and workers who have worked at the site and features an anchor from the HMAS Nirimba. (Nirimba was chosen as a name as it is tradition for naval stations to be named after sea birds, as Falcon was already taken, the Aboriginal name for Pelican (Nirimba) was chosen).

In 1996 BREED was successful in receiving a grant of $500,000 to refurbish the building into 34 modern offices, reception and administration. Since then the building has been further modernised with telecommunications including: a dedicated fibre optic business grade Ethernet connection with a 2 Mb/2Mb upload/download speed.


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