Establishment Fee for Tenants

This is a one-off non-refundable fee, payable prior to occupation of the licensed area of which covers the cost of security, IT&T, programming, and signage.

Public Liability Insurance

Tenants are required to have a public liability insurance policy for the coverage within their office space.  The policy must be a minimum of $5 million.


Included in the License Fee is:

  • Front desk reception, Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays and other days as advised);
  • Phone answering in your business name (given phones are a part of our PABX system);
  • After hours individual voicemail service;
  • 24 hour access to photocopier, on a fee for service basis;
  • Receipt and dispatch of goods during reception hours;
  • Daily dispatch of postage paid mail;
  • Use of meeting / conference rooms;
  • Car parking;
  • Vacuuming and disposal of normal office waste;
  • Cleaning of common area;
  • Building secured by monitored alarm and 24 hour Precinct Security;
  • Individual phone numbers (see phone rates);
  • Installation of a standard PABX extension and handset (see phone rates);
  • A minimum of two (2) power points;
  • Signage on Centre’s Tenant Directory;
  • 24 hour, 7 days access to building;
  • Electricity for standard office equipment;
  • Access to Business and Professional advise;
  • Flexible Licence arrangements;
  • Individual pigeonhole for mail and/or messages; and
  • A set of keys and security access.


BREED Business Centre Office Space Rental

Description M2 Monthly Rent
Petite 11 $210
Small 13.8 $329
Medium 15 $394
Large 30 $590
First Floor Large – Air Conditioned 30 $721
Deluxe Large – Air Conditioned with Balcony 26.5 $788
Executive Large 30 $721
Combined Small/Medium 30 $721
Virtual Telephone Answering Service N/A $138
Generic Tenant Service (not personalised) N/A $70

Tenants have access to tea and coffee facilities via upstairs kitchenettes and down stairs main kitchen.  Tea, Coffee and milk made available on a tenants reasonable use ‘basis’. Tea and Coffee Facilities


For normal office consumption, electricity costs are shared between the tenants and are included in the rent.

Additional Electricity – Tenants assessed as large consumers of Electricity may be required to make a contribution in addition to the licence fee. If separate electricity meters are required/ requested, the Tenant will be responsible for the cost of the meters and their installation.


Interest is charged on any outstanding account at the rate of 12.5 % per annum calculated on a daily basis


Telecommunication services are provided through our PABX system and range from:

Service/Product Monthly Rent
Extension rental and Std 8 button Handset $36.95
Extension rental and 16 button handset $52.00
Additional extension/s (Standard 8 Button Handset) $36.95
Eftpos lines (No Handsets/No outgoing calls except to 1800 numbers) $ 5.00
VOIP lines Upon application

Call Diversion Out-side the Centre – Calls can be diverted outside the Centre, anywhere in the world. The only cost is the cost of the call and the standard mark-up.Phone calls – Service providers call costs plus a 10% mark-up. Comprehensive reporting on all calls made is available upon request.

Call Transfer to Mobile – Incoming calls can be transferred by Reception to your mobile.  The only cost is the cost of the call and the standard mark-up.

Other Phone Services – The PABX System has many facilities available.  Please ask Management for more details about phone services.

Connection of Additional Facilities

Where possible it is the actual cost that is passed on.  The following are indicative prices.

Service/Product Price
Additional phone line and standard handset $190.00
Additional power point $127.00
Relocation of phone line/extension within building $191.00
Additional keys $50.00


Service/Product Price Per Page/Fax
For faxes sent from Reception $1.20
Following pages $0.60
For faxes received at Reception $0.60
Following pages $0.31
Non Tenants rates as above plus an additional $4.25


A 10% surcharge for provision of postage applies.

Internet Facilities

The BBC is soon to be upgraded to 100Mb/100Mb   upload/download internet speed.

Service/Product Price
Access to Broadband services: 10000mb [10Kb] upload/download per month $75 per Month
Additional usage may be charged at: $0.15 per Mb
Onsite Setup costs
ISP to supply Router and configure (one off charge): $230.00
Tenant to supply Router and ISP to configure (one off charge): $172.50


Charged on a monthly basis according to the number of copies (passes through the machine) made per month. Rates are based on people doing the copying themselves.

Service/Product Price Per Copy,Black,Colour

A4 paper (white 80 GSM),$0.16,$1.10

A3 and/or colour paper,$0.32,$2.20

Binding and Laminating

Comb Binding

Rate is based on tenants doing their own binding; assistance from Reception may be an extra charge.

Includes: plastic binding coil, clear front cover, leather grain look back cover. $3.85


A4 $2.60

A3 $3.85

A5 $1.60

Business card size $0.65


$45.00 per hour dedicated bookkeeping support in your office, minimum one hour

$32.00 per hour from the administration office, with a minimum of one hour


$20.00 per hour from reception, minimum of one hour

$32.00 per hour for dedicated secretarial support in your office, minimum one hour.

Word processing/typing

$7.70 per page for a standard A4 page of text, there is a surcharge for tables and forms. Laser prints $0.65 per copy. Presentation folders $3.25 each

Virtual Tenants

A Virtual Tenant is a business who does not have an office at NBC, but would like to access our services.  Businesses may opt to become a Virtual tenant rather than take up an office.

Establishment Fee: $290.00

Monthly Fee: $138.00

Users are provided with a unique phone number, a common fax number, pigeonhole for mail and signage at the Centre. Calls are answered in the name of the Business. Users have access to all the other service available at the Centre at 50% discount on non-tenant charges during business hours.

Generic Phone Answering

Using the main switchboard numbered and answered as “BREED Business Centre”.

Establishment Fee: $115.00

Monthly Fee: $ 70.00

A similar service as the Virtual Tenant, however, the phone is answered as “reception”. Users are not provided with signage or pigeonhole. Users have access to all the other service available at the Centre during business hours at the advertised rate.


The UWS-H Blacktown Campus has a Child Care Centre on site. Tenants are able to use the Child Care Centre – subject to availability.


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