BREED Taskforce is a not-for-profit association incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act of 2009.  Ultimately the responsibility of the governance of BREED rests with the Board.

The Board’s primary role is to ensure that BREED activities are directed towards achieving its vision and that the mission is achieved in the most efficient and effective way possible while preserving and promoting the BREED reputation.

The Board fulfils its responsibilities by:

    • Formulating BREED’s Strategic Plan in conjunction with the Managing Director (MD) and Staff
    • Selecting, appointing, guiding and monitoring the performance of the MD
    • Ensuring optimal succession planning is in place for the role of MD and Board members
    • Monitoring management’s progress in achieving the strategic plan
    • Monitoring BREED’s financial performance
    • Ensuring the integrity of internal control, risk management and management information systems
    • Ensuring BREED’s financial viability, solvency and sustainability
    • Ensuring stakeholders receive regular reports, including financial reports
    • Ensuring the organisation complies with relevant legislation, regulations and contracts
    • Acting as an advocate for BREED whenever and wherever necessary.




Nathan Burbridge, Chair


Steven Brown, Secretary

Shane Dooley, Treasurer


Berice Miller, Director


Veronica De Paoli, Director


Donna Patriarca, Secretariat