BREED has worked with businesses and the wider community, developing sustainable partnerships, for over 19 years. The many partnerships that have been developed over this time have helped young people develop the skills necessary to be successful in the work place. Currently, BREED places over 4000 young people into Work Placement per year and assist many thousands with the multitude of partnerships that are facilitated throughout the year, long and short term.

The latest research from Britain says that school students who have had at least 4 quality interactions with employers are 5 times more likely to be in Education, Employment or Training when they are 19-24. In other words, the more quality experiences you can get with employers while still at school – the better.

There are many opportunities for Business to be involved:

  • Providing Work Placement for HSC Students
  • Attending industry consultation forums
  • Being a guest speaker, speaking about your industry and or company
  • Being part of Partnership project teams
  • Providing information tours of your business for students
  • Being informed, subscribe to the BREED newsletter distribution list (link)

There are also many benefits to business:

Businesses can:

  • Raise their profile within the community
  • Access potential part-time or full-time employees
  • Develop training programmes and supervisory skills
  • Increase sense of pride in your employees
  • Participate in special events and receive media coverage