Partnership Brokers

The Federal Government ceased to fund the national School Business Community Partnership Broker program from 31st December 2014.

During the five years that BREED was funded to work with schools, Businesses, Families and the Community, many innovative and successful strategic partnerships were established and continue to deliver opportunities that assist youth with their transition through school to further education and / or work.

In spite of no longer being funded to deliver this program, where possible, BREED is keen to continue assisting with identifying and developing partnerships that benefit youth with education and employment opportunities.


School Business Community Partnership Broker Program. Partnership Brokers (PB’s) broker partnerships between and among:

  • Schools
  • Business and Industry
  • Parents and Families
  • Community Groups

The objective is to support student engagement and improve education and transition outcomes by building partnerships that support improved education and transition outcomes for all young people. Partnership Brokers Analytics

BREED Partnerships

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