THE BREED Programs Include:

  • School Business Community Partnership Broker Program
  • Work Placement Service Provider Program
  • Transitioning Youth Program
  • Digital Enterprise Pathways to Education and Employment for Young People with Disabilities
  • BREED Business Centre

School Business Community Partnership Broker Program

Partnership Brokers (PB’s) broker partnerships between and among:

  • Schools
  • Business and Industry
  • Parents and Families
  • Community Groups

The objective is to support student engagement and improve education and transition outcomes by building partnerships that support improved education and transition outcomes for all young people.

Work Placement Service Program (WPSP)

Students taking NSW Higher School Certificate vocational industry curriculum framework courses are required to undertake a minimum of 35 hours work placement in a relevant industry setting in each of their Year 11 and Year 12 programs as part of each course.

The BREED WPSP team works with over 21 High Schools across the Blacktown Region to place over 4,000 students from 14 frameworks into local business.

Frameworks include:  Business Services, Information Technology, Café Skills, Commercial Cookery, Entertainment, Tourism, Primary Industries, Construction, Metals and Engineering, Retail, Automotive, Financial Services, Health Services Assistance and Electro-technology.

The BREED Transitioning Youth (BTY)

Most students today transition well through the education system, however, for many, and for a range of factors, other students do not do wellin the traditional classroom setting.

The BREED Transitioning Youth Program will work with school principals, career advisors, welfare and transition teams to tailor a program that will provide an achievable roadmap, resume’ and portfolio for nominated students that do not fit naturally into mainstream school life. Students will learn about their own natural abilities, increase their self-esteem, and learn about the vast range of careers and education pathways that are available to them.

Digital Enterprise Pathways to Education and Employment for Young People with Disabilities

BREED has been selected to facilitate the NSW program which will be located at Robes Crossing Community Centre. Digital Enterprise is about helping young people with disabilities, who are interested in computers, to develop their IT skills and to learn new things.

They will be able to attend sessions after school once a week, led by enthusiastic and highly skilled mentors with advanced IT skills, who will encourage tem to develop interests in higher technology. They will be able to teach young people about game making, 3D worlds, web site design, programming, digital graphics and other fun activities. If students are aged over 16 they will teach you how to run your own business.

The program is free. Digital Enterprise programs will also be located in Darwin, Christies Beach in Southern Adelaide and Reservoir in Melbourne. The program will start third School term 2014 and continues, during school terms until the end of 2015.

BREED Business Centre (BBC)

BREED Business Centre (BBC) is a business incubator, established in 1997 with the capacity to host 30 businesses. The BBC was established by the then Blacktown Regional Economic and Employment Development Taskforce (now BREED) to focus on nurturing small and developing businesses in order that they may develop entrepreneurial skills, become self-sustaining and meet the needs of their own customer base.

The BBC reduces the overheads of its tenants by providing shared facilities, such as, reception, internet and telephony services, office equipment, office cleaning, and security and meeting rooms.

Offices are centrally located at the Nirimba Education Precinct at Quakers Hill, in the Blacktown LGA.