Transitioning Youth

Most students today transition well through the education system, however some, for a range of factors, do not do well in the traditional classroom setting.

The BREED Transitioning Youth Program will work with school principals, career advisors, welfare and transition teams to tailor a program that will provide an achievable roadmap, resume’ and portfolio for nominated students’ that do not fit naturally into mainstream school life.

Students will learn about their own natural abilities, increase their self-esteem, and learn about the vast range of careers and education pathways that are available to them.

This program will be delivered in small groups with a strong emphasis on one-on-one time to ensure the individual student’s needs are being met.

The BTY program is based on the Independent Employment Advisor Service (IEAS) program; this was a highly successful program which achieved an 89% success rate. IEAS transitioned students at risk of leaving school before year 12, back into school to complete a higher level of education, or into meaningful work – an apprenticeship or traineeship.

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BREED recently received funding from the Blacktown Workers Club to work with 100 local youths under this program.