Digital Enterprise Pathways

to Education and Employment for Young People with Disabilities

What is Digital Enterprise Pathways about?

Digital Enterprise is about helping young people with disabilities, who are interested in computers, to develop their IT skills and to learn new things.

You will be able to come along to sessions after school once a week, led by enthusiastic and highly skilled mentors with advanced IT skills, who will encourage you to develop your own interests. They will be able to teach you about game making, 3D worlds, web site design, programming, digital graphics and other fun activities. If you are aged over 16 they will teach you how to run your own business.

The program is free. Digital Enterprise programs will be located in Darwin, Blacktown in Western Sydney, Christies Beach in Southern Adelaide and Reservoir in Melbourne. The program will start third School term 2014 and continues, during school terms until the end of 2015.

What is BREED’s involvement?

BREED has been selected to facilitate the NSW program which will be located at Ropes Crossing Community Centre.

What’s in it for me?

We hope you will learn new skills, become more confident and motivated and happy by joining Digital Enterprise. If you finish the program you will gain employable skills and will be able to go on to further education.

Who is Digital Enterprise for?

You can be involved in Digital Enterprise if you are aged 10 to 20 and have an Autism Spectrum Disorder and are interested in computers or computer games.

You will need some basic computer skills and be able to use a computer without assistance, or with your own assistive technology. You will also need a computer and the internet at home, so that you can work on projects between sessions. If you are aged over 16 you will need to have finished Year 10 at school.

If you have complex needs, talk with our Site Leader who will be able to help. We understand that you might feel a bit frustrated and challenged by the program and you may feel tired. We understand that learning something new can be more difficult for those with a disability. Our mentors are experienced in working with young people with a disability and have support services they can call on if necessary. We will meet with you, before you start, to talk with you about the program and what support you need.

If you have an interest in technology, love gaming, would like to learn how to make your own computer games, create exciting 3D Worlds, explore computer graphics and programming with Digital Enterprise; this program could suit you.

What should you do next?

Digital Enterprise Pathways program is now recruiting young people aged 10 to 20 with autism spectrum disorder for a new high tech learning program. Digital Enterprise programs will start in Blacktown in Sydney, Reservoir in Melbourne, Christies Beach in Adelaide and in Darwin in the third School term 2014.

Contact information

For more information:

To join the program, contact Eleanor Jackson-Bowers: Email:  Telephone: 08 8302 4623