Featherdale Work Experience

Featherdale Wildlife Park Work Experience

Featherdale Wildlife Park has worked with BREED for 15 years and provides over 90 work experience placements per year to students interested in working with animals as a vocation.

Each placement is for one week, Monday-Friday inclusive and totals 40 hours. One day placements cannot be considered.

Students need to understand that zoo-keeping is not an easy job. The placement will not involve interacting with the animals and birds much of the time because staff and students will be busy doing routine, outdoor, mundane tasks such as preparing food, cleaning, washing up and assisting with feeding and cleaning the enclosures.

Students need to wear comfy closed in shoes and be prepared to work outside, in all weather.

One Student per School

This opportunity is highly sought after, so it is offered to only one student per school, per year. The Careers Advisor at a school selects the most suitable student. To ensure that work experience is positive for both Featherdale Staff and students, a selection questionnaire needs to be undertaken. The Careers Advisor at a school selects their most suitable student, who must then complete the Questionnaire. A student may only attempt this Questionnaire once in a calendar year.

Work Experience Tasks

Interested students need to understand that work experience is not about playing with baby animals; instead, it is physically demanding, because it requires that the student is on their feet all day (excepting lunch break).

It involves manual work and lots of walking, with approximately 85% of tasks involving cleaning duties: a mix of sweeping, raking and assorted duties, as well as preparing feeds. Students will be in the vicinity of raw animal carcasses, (to be chopped for feeds), as they help to prepare the feeds, chopping fruits and mixing seeds etc. They will push large feed trolleys and wheel barrows and will have to lift large feed buckets. They need to be able to read lists of feeds.

Students will work in bird aviaries and animal enclosures and must be capable of working independently on their tasks, once these have been explained.

Students will have to climb over 1.2 metre (4 foot) fences to get into enclosures.

Selection Questionnaire

Any student who wishes to be considered must complete the selection questionnaire. Please note that Featherdale relies on honest and accurate answers to this questionnaire. If successful, BREED will then work with that student’s Career Advisor, to arrange work experience.

So How Do You Apply for Work Experience at Featherdale Wildlife Park?

1. First, contact your career advisor or lecturer and discuss with them why you would like to complete your work experience at Featherdale.

2. If your advisor/lecturer thinks you meet the selection criteria, you will then be asked to complete a selection Questionnaire, by your career advisor.

3. If the selection criteria have been met, your career advisor/lecturer will discuss your possible placement with BREED.

4. Once you have been selected, you will be asked to complete a general information form about you.

5. And finally, BREED will arrange your placement in consultation with Featherdale Wildlife Park and your career advisor/lecturer.

For More Information

For information about what is required for a work experience placement, contact Kerrie Tindall, Ph. 4725 0381or email: ktindall@breed.org.au

For more information about Featherdale Wildlife Park only (please do not call about work experience) Featherdale Wildlife Park.